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My name is Amanda and this blog is dedicated to Doctor Who and all things David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston. This is not a Moffat friendly blog. ~BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION~

This is just really funny to me if you don’t know what else is going on. Even though Time Lords probably don’t gain weight.

The Doctor is just really concerned about his recent winter weight gain and even though Grace warned him to not overdue it with the Christmas cookies she offers to help him. Grace puts him on a proper diet and they go on adventures that include necessary running. By the New Year he has lost twenty pounds. Grace doesn’t think twenty pounds in a week is possible but the Doctor just scuffs…superior Time Lord physiology. 

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  11. kikuneechan said: bahahaha, this is hilarious. i really need to watch this movie. xD (except i just wanna get through Doctors 1-7 first lololol) also is he saying he lost twenty pounds since being 7 cause wow xD
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