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My name is Amanda and this blog is dedicated to Doctor Who and all things David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston. This is not a Moffat friendly blog.

What’s interesting about this story is it was originally intended to end with the Doctor regenerating into Christopher Eccleston. It was the way that the comic strip finally came of age, really, was that Russell T. Davies turned round to us and said, “Would you like to show the regeneration between the Eight and the Ninth Doctors?” And we thought. “Wow!” As it turned out, we couldn’t for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because we weren’t able to show the Eighth Doctor once the Ninth Doctor had appeared on television. And we weren’t able to show the Ninth Doctor before he had appeared on-screen. So we couldn’t show the two of them regenerating. What we end up with is the Doctor and Destrii walking off into the sunset together. And the one hint that we get of the connection with the new television stories, which of course is just starting at this time, is that the Doctor mentions he needs a new jacket and Destrii suggests something leather. 

From Doctor Who The Movie extra Stripped for Action The Eighth Doctor

Clayton Hickman- Former Doctor Who Magazine Editor 

Paul Scoones- Author, The Comics Companion 

I’m fine with what happened in The Night of the Doctor because I would much rather see the regeneration than read about it but we should have got Eight turning into Nine. I really enjoyed John Hurt as a Doctor but Paul McGann was more than capable of playing that role. 

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