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YOU WHAT? LOST followers? Because of that? O_O They obviously don’t know quality entertainment. I wouldn’t

Oh, it doesn’t bother me. I like the things that I post and I know my shippy humor can sometimes make a persons day better and that’s awesome. Giving a person even a tiny moment of happy laughter when they are having a crappy day makes me happy, not the number of followers I have. 

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HAHAHAHAHAHA I’m dying. Please never stop making these. Also, his face in the last gif is so perfect. Just…thank you. I’m going to go pretend this is canon now.

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I’m glad you liked it! That last gif was a strong reason for why I made that post. It was just too perfect! I was reviewing that scene for the Shippy Dalek and now I’m going to have to rethink his reaction. 

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Don't EVER stop making those cracktastic shippy edits! I'm honest to god crying because of that Harriet Jones one! I was NOT expecting that! That was fantastic!

I won’t stop making them because they are the funnest and easiest things for me to make. I’m not great with artsy angsty posts but I can damn sure be silly! I lost some followers after the Harriet Jones one so it’s nice to know there are some people that share my sense of shippy humor. <3


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How this scene should have happened. 

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I’d never really considered, one way or the other, if male pit hair was sexy. Until I saw this. Is there anything about this man that doesn’t hit my hot button???

I know what you mean. It’s a part of him we don’t often see and it’s where my eyes immediately go to with this gif. I’ve spent an unusual amount of time looking at his pit hair. 

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I don’t want to go down with my ship. I want my ship to go down on each other.

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is aw your mobile hearedr and i scremaed. do wjat you want winth tajt onformation.

Yeah….this is a pretty popular gif and is the cause of many screams.

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Sorry, Shippy Dalek! I just wanted to understand the nature of the oversight. I see that you have a chip on your plunger arm regarding this subject. As you can tell by my pen name, I also ship Rose and the Doctor. I wouldn’t want to offend someone with such wisdom! Speaking of your wisdom, I was looking at the Rose (jealous of “Lynda-with-a-y”) gif set that @re-sile recently posted (from “Parting of the Ways”.) I was curious as to what advice you would give our OTP in this scenario…


You are wise to apologise so I will let it go this one time. Offend me again and you will be destroyed

I was not worried about this “Lynda” one bit. Was Rose a tiny bit jealous? Sure she was. Was the Doctor being a little bit flirty? Sure he was. But the Doctor has always been nice to the ladies. It doesn’t mean he wants all of them. Besides Lynda was sweet and the Doctor doesn’t want sweet. He wants a kind hearted warrior like Rose. Sweets make you sick in large doses so she wouldn’t have been around long even if she had lived.

I couldn’t allow her to live though because she upset my BFF, Rose. So I had a quick chat with one of my Dalek brothers (yes I can still communicate from the Dalek beyond, just go with it) and told him to get rid of this Lynda-with-a y. The room in which Lynda was killed had thick sound proof glass so you couldn’t hear what my Dalek brother was saying. Now you humans probably think he was saying Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate but that’s not true. Allow me to translate.


You mess with my OTP you get exterminated!

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DI Peter Carlisle vs. DI Alec Hardy.

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rose tyler alphabet

{inspired by}

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Does the Shippy Dalek only ship Nine and Rose or does the Shippy Dalek ship The Doctor & Rose? How does the Shippy Dalek feel about Captain Jack & Rose?


I ship The Doctor with Rose. I think Jack and Rose are better as friends but I wouldn’t be opposed to viewing a one night only three way.


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Classic Who: Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy).

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A Comprehensive Study of David Tennant’s Butt

requested by tickle-me-dalek

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I've heard a rumor that your actual name is Dale and you're BFFs with the human, Rose Tyler. Is this true?


I have heard this ridiculous rumor as well. Daleks do not have weak names like “Dale”. We have strong names like Caan and Sec. But if calling me “Dale” will make you pathetic humans more comfortable talking to me then you may do so. Rose is totally my BFF, that part is true.


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