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She’s just an invention…

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I’m so in love. I really miss them!

Miss you Chris. Miss you Billie :(

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I haven’t tried to look at the HTML yet but if you have a quick fix please let me know. =)

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Ex-Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston joins Highgate’s charity Pinknic in the Park - News - Broadway - Hampstead and Highgate Express →



Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston has lent his support to a charity picnic that will see a Highgate park turn pink in memory of a schoolgirl who died from cancer.

Mr Eccleston, of Highgate, joined the mother of 17-year-old Alexandra Wylie, Lindsey Wylie, and her former Channing school friends at pan-Asian restaurant Tootoomoo in Crouch End on Tuesday to promote the annual Pinknic in the Park.

The all-pink day of live music, food and games, held on September 6 in Waterlow Park, is in aid of the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation, which this year will raise money to fund food parcels and nutrition classes for north London children living in poverty. The charity was set up in 2011 in memory of Alexandra, known as Allie to friends, who died in 2010 from an incurable form of cancer.

Mr Eccleston, who will judge the picnic’s cake competition, said: “It is horrifying that such high levels of poverty are right on our doorstep and I am pleased to be able to provide support for a programme that is working with local children who are not getting enough food. It is a privilege to work with the charity.”


In sync

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hey, just wondering where we can see the tags on your posts on your blog :)

You have to click where it has the notes count on each individual post to see the tags. It’s annoying and I didn’t realize the theme was like that so I might end up changing it later. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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I tried to resist, I swear I did…but oodwhovian, I stole your gif.


Lol. It was made for you so it’s not really stealing. It looks great btw. Dave Tiler approves.


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So Captain Jack? Interloper or Matchmaker? Any thoughts, opinions?


He is definitely both. He’s great to have around when the Doctor and Rose get into trouble during an adventure and he’s always ready to encourage them to have fun with each other but he has horrible timing. He’s always popping up during crucial moments much like he did while Rose and the Doctor were dancing in that storage room. 


Pretty much life on the TARDIS with Jack consisted of him constantly interrupting sex. The bastard.


something familiar 

T A R D I S  »  Time And Relative Dimension ISpace.

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I don’t understand why the smoking one is hot, but it is.

I think it’s because of the eye contact, the lift of the eyebrow and it’s like he’s almost smirking with it in his mouth. All of it combined is just hot.

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Thank you for showing me the ridiculous hotness that is Christopher Eccleston in Elizabeth. My god.

You’re welcome! I find him ridiculously hot in everything but he’s definitely extra hot in Elizabeth


and Revenger’s Tragedy


and Othello


He’s hot with scruff


with glasses


while smoking


while exercising


I could go on and on but this is getting long. I think you get the point. Christopher Eccleston is HOT!

Christopher Eccleston in Elizabeth.

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